PLAYSTUDIOS + Modo + Mari = CaddySHAQ


16 million players worldwide and counting

PLAYSTUDIOS, based in California, has built a business model comprising social casino games and rewards, for use on mobile and Facebook. With more than 30 games, PLAYSTUDIOS offers consumers a fun, engaging way to gain what is arguably the most extensive collection of real world rewards available in a social game. When Shaquille O’Neal, former NBA star and massive personality, approached PLAYSTUDIOS about games, the team moved quickly to bring these games to their consumers. After testing other solutions, including Maya, PLAYSTUDIOS chose Modo® and Mari® as the best solutions to create the high-quality, Shaq-branded games as quickly as possible.

Alex Patanjo, Director of CG and Technical Art, PLAYSTUDIOS

To do the baking of the models in Maya, it was taking four hours and when we baked the textures onto the Modo models, it was 15 seconds.

The game changer for MODO is just speed all the way across the board.

Alex Patanjo, Director of CG and Technical Art, PLAYSTUDIOS

CaddySHAQ 3d rendered image
CaddySHAQ in-game image created with Foundry's Modo and Mari