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Machine learning

CopyCat: bringing machine learning into Nuke’s toolset

How you can harness the power of machine learning in Nuke.

5 min read
Machine Learning for Artists Header
Machine learning

Machine learning for artists: the latest trends

Arm yourself with the latest machine learning tools.

7 min read
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Machine learning

Future proof your content creation with machine learning

Artist and algorithm—working in harmony.

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Machine learning

Machine Learning: changing the game of Motion Capture

How machine learning is re-inventing motion capture.

Machine learning
Machine learning

Machine learning in VFX software: the challenges to crack

Learn about SmartROTO - a Foundry-led research project investigating Machine Learning-assisted tools for rotoscoping.

Deep learning exploration
Machine learning

Explaining deep learning: what it is, and what it’s not

Deep learning has the potential to reinvent every industry—including VFX. But what is it exactly? Find out here.

Office space and 3D design
Machine learning

How data analysis is improving matchmoving

Matchmoving can be time consuming and fraught with frustration. We interview Alastair Barber, whose work with DNEG and the University of Bath focused on improving the process using data analysis and algorithms.

 Deep learning: the new frontier in visual effects production
Machine learning

Deep learning: the new frontier in visual effects production

Find out about two cutting-edge Foundry research projects on artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies.