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Top three ways near real-time is advancing workflows

Behind the innovative method used to create Comandante.

8 min read
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Q&A with Important Looking Pirates: the studio pivoting to virtual production

How Stockholm-based ILP increase the cadence of their creative process.

6 min read
Glowing 3D abstract imagery
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Bridging the Real & Imagined

Integrating real-time workflows into modern post-production pipelines.

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Here’s what the future of previsualization looks like

50% game, 50% tool, 100% cool: how Cine Tracer is powering up a new kind of previs.

3D inverse city scape
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Virtual Production: an immersive gateway for filmmakers

Step into the world of virtual production, real-time and immersive filmmakers.

space soldiers in 3d
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Meet the company transforming real-time content creation

We speak to technology company Ncam about how their system is transforming the way visual content is created in real-time.

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Peeling back the layers of the virtual production onion

We look at how the disconnected stages of virtual production will become better linked together, forming a layered, virtual production ‘onion’.

Jackie Chine on the phone
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My real-time production philosophy: an interview with Asa Bailey

We catch up with Asa Bailey, the founder of On-Set Facilities: a tech company aiming to be the world’s leading system integrator of real-time and virtual production solutions.

Real-Time Production Camera
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Real-time production: barriers and opportunities

VFX post-production could be heading for a real-time future - but to get there, we’ll have to overcome a number of technical barriers.

Realtime and Virtual Production Filming Set
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A digested guide to real-time production

Advanced pre-vis, real-time production, virtual production… what’s the difference? We take a look at some of the techniques being touted as revolutionary.

Virtual reality post production example
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Beyond the green screen: the dawn of virtual production technologies

What happens when some of the most creative minds in the education, research and commercial sectors get together to explore new and innovative virtual production technologies?