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Are we on track to meet the MovieLabs 2030 Vision?

We explore industry outlook, challenges and opportunities for the future of media creation in this exclusive Q&A.

5 min read
Shot of Jellyfish Pictures office

Jellyfish Pictures’ journey to working in a virtual world

We explore how the 300-strong virtual VFX and animation studio remains cloud connected in this exclusive Q&A.

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Header Hybrid Cloud

Redefining your studio with hybrid cloud

Discover the impact of hybrid cloud on studios and artists.

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Cloud service models and how they’re impacting the VFX industry

A dive into cloud service models and the future it presents for the industry.

5 min read
Remote Working and Cloud abstract imagery

Remote working and cloud: what now, and what’s next?

Industry sentiment as things shift toward a ‘new normal’.

Busting Cloud Buzzwords

Demystifying complex cloud terms for VFX artists

We breakdown important cloud buzzwords and how they relate to VFX.

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The seven deadly myths of cloud

Discover how the seven deadliest cloud myths are not all they seem.

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Foundry at HPA: the cutting edge of tech

Covering how cloud fits into the future of on-set production.

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Working Remotely with Foundry Tools

The ins and outs of On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud and Pure Cloud infrastructure.

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Success or failure in VFX: will cloud adoption be the difference?

Cloud technology has transformed many industries, and businesses that resisted the change have paid the price. Will the same be true for VFX?

Athera Roundable discussion

Cloud technology’s impact on the VFX industry

In this roundtable discussion, some of the industry’s leading experts talk about cloud technology’s impact on the VFX industry.

3D Data Model Representation

Data aggregation in VFX: Impossible dream or untapped opportunity

We interview Gareth Williams, founder and chief executive of YellowDog, to find out how data aggregation has the potential to significantly impact the VFX industry.