Find out why studios around the world are using Katana

The most dynamic look development and lighting tool on the market is now several times faster than before. The bad news: you’ll have less time for tea breaks. The good news: you’ll have more time for creativity. No more waiting around for your assets to start rendering, Katana 3.5’s new multithreading capabilities improve core performance to handle huge scenes with ease. Updated to use USD 19.11 for the 4th generation of Katana’s Hydra powered viewport. With the new Monitor Layer for direct ray tracing to the viewer, artists can expect an exciting leap forward in workflows all with the stability of Katana’s production-proven technology. Shipping with USD plugins you can future proof your pipeline. Expect the combination of USD, performance improvements, and artist-focused development to increase your quality and throughput in a flash. Speed and unlimited power, brought to light.