Nuke in Progress - Shake to Disconnect

We are delighted to be including an exciting new user experience improvement coming in Nuke 13.1—Shake to Disconnect.  

This simple, quality-of-life improvement will introduce gestural controls to Nuke’s node graph. Harkening back to an earlier time in compositing, Shake to Disconnect will allow artists to select a node and shake it loose from the pipe, without affecting the connections of the nodes above and below. 

Shake to Disconnect also works with the improvements seen in Nuke 13.0 and Nuke 12.2v5, which enable single nodes or chains of nodes to be correctly inserted into a pipe. Together new features will make it quick and simple to move sections of script around, disconnecting and reconnecting with ease. It’ll also include sensitivity controls, as well as the ability to turn it on and off so that you can adjust the functionality to suit how you work. 

This feature falls into part of an ongoing project to improve user experience and make day-to-day enhancements to Nuke. If there are any similar improvements you’re hoping we will make, get in touch and let us know what they are—we’d love to hear from you!

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