Focused lighting production toolset.

Katana’s lighting production toolset is designed to save you time whether you’re working on a single shot or a whole sequence. Beyond the basics of the Artist Focused Lighting Mode, Katana allows the least amount of artists to manage the highest volume of shot production at the highest quality with the shortest schedules. Deferred loading, procedural workflows, collaborative tools, rich viewer and live rendering feedback all empower artists and teams to do the incredible.

Procedurally powered sequence-based lighting

Katana’s GafferThree node wraps light creation and editing into a single node. Interact with single lights directly or control multiple lights at the same time via the Template Materials. Edit previously created lights with surgical procedural edits, allowing lights to have multiple approved looks across a sequence of shots. Reference lighting from a library and make specific updates without losing the ability to inherit changes made to the lighting library.

World class interactive rendering

Katana’s rendering mechanism is top of its class. Katana communicates all rendering edits as individual changes to a rendering plugin, allowing renderer plugin vendors to access an unrivalled granularity of information. Artists will never experience a crash because of some glitch from the rendering process; instead, they can identify the issue in the rendering and continue where they left off. With Interactive Render Filters you can override settings of interactive renders for better performance, without changing the settings for the final render.

Rich artist feedback

Lighting artists can interact with the lights and shadows of Katana’s Hydra Viewport, the rendered image in the Monitor Layer or the Monitor Tab. The Catalog system provides lighting artists feedback on the full history of their current and past renders. With the highly configurable UI of Katana, an artist can configure their session to make the most of their current task and project.

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