What is Mari?

Mari® is an industry-leading 3D paint package, ideal for high-resolution texturing and look-development in VFX, animation and games. With the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets, together with the artist-friendly 3D paint tools you need to make the most of your creativity, Mari is the clear choice for today’s challenging entertainment productions. Supported by the world’s most advanced layering system, Mari is capable of handling multiple high-resolution textures and millions of polygons without ever compromising on speed or efficiency, while the fully customizable user interface lets you work just the way you want.

Will Mari 4.x be Mac compatible?

Due to the nature of Qt libraries, which are not created by Apple, we can only offer limited support for Mari versions on macOS. As such, updating the macOS version of Mari required extra development time to ensure a quality user experience and we were unable to make a macOS build of 4.x in any version prior to Mari 4.6v2.

As Mari 4.8 and 5.0 move onto the 2020 VFX Reference Platform, we will no longer be able to support macOS beyond the Mari 4.7 line. For more information on this change, please see the following Knowledge Base Article

Purchasing and licensing

If I'm on rental, will my Mari be updated when a new version comes out?

If your rental term overlaps with a new release or update of Mari, your rental will be eligible to obtain the update, which can be used for the duration of your rental period.

What is the difference between a node-locked and a floating license?

Node-locked licenses are tied to a single workstation system ID, so you can only use the license on that machine. Floating licenses are installed on a license server, so any workstation networked to that server can use the license, but only one workstation can use the license at any time.

How many machines can I install my software on?

Mari's licenses are single installations for one machine or license server. If you have floating licenses, any machine (up to the number of floating licenses purchased) connected to the floating license server can run the software.

Can I transfer my license to another machine?

If you need to transfer a license to another machine, read our license transfer policy and complete our license transfer request form.

What is your return policy?

Refunds for permanent or temporary license keys cannot be issued.

What are my options for buying Mari?

There are three options for purchasing Mari.


Individual subscription


You can pay for Mari on a subscription basis. Mari Individual Subscription is an annual entitlement to Mari for a single, named user: the license can be used by that user only. As Mari Individual Subscription access is tied to an individual person, it’s most suited to those working freelance or in small companies where only one person will be using the software. You can buy Mari Individual Subscription through our online store - see the product page for current pricing.


Studio subscription


Our new subscription model for studios provides node-locked or floating licenses for a lower cost than our previous perpetual license mode. You can purchase a license online by contacting sales or through a reseller.


Rent by the quarter

You can rent Mari by the quarter. If you take this payment option, you get all the benefits of a perpetual license during the period of time you’re renting (whether one quarter or several). You can choose between a node-locked or floating license. This option allows you to scale up as needed - it's the best choice for companies that are looking to scale up for a limited time.

Learning and support

Where do I go for support?

Visit our online Support Portal or check out the Community to get help from your peers.

What is the best way to learn how to get started with Mari?

Visit the Mari Tutorials page for an extensive range of free video tutorials that will take you right from getting started, to guiding you through complete games and VFX projects, and more.

Are manuals included with the software?

Our user guides are available in electronic PDF format. These can be saved to your desktop as a PDF and come included with your software, or can be accessed from the user guide section of our support page.

Education and Non-commercial

Is there an Education version of Mari available?

Yes. Mari is included in the Education version of the Collectives. Visit the Education page for more details.

Is there a free version of Mari for Non-commercial use?

Yes, we offer Mari Non-commercial for at-home learning, exploring and personal projects.


What is a Collective?

Collectives are packaged collections of products accessed by a single license. Foundry currently offers two versions: the Creation Collective and the Production Collective, both of which include Mari. You can find out more on the Collectives product page.

Can I upgrade Mari to a Collective?

Yes, upgrade paths are available. Contact sales or your reseller for pricing and purchasing details.

What will happen to my Production (or) Creation Collective when new versions of Mari become available?

Both the Production and Creation Collective will be updated to include the newest version of Mari. You can download the latest version of Mari to get up to date now.

Individual subscription

Where should I go if I have questions?

If you are looking to place an order and need some assistance, or have any questions or issues regarding a Mari Individual Subscription or maintenance order, contact us. For technical support relating to the activation or installation of your license, visit the Support Portal.

What is an individual subscription of Mari and who is it for?

An individual subscription of Mari is an annual entitlement to Mari for an individual user. Mari Individual Subscription requires the Mari license to be assigned to a single ‘named’ user. The license can then only be used by that named user. As Mari Individual Subscription access is tied to an individual person, it is most suited to those working freelance or in small companies where only one person will be using the software.

What do I get with my Mari Individual Subscription entitlement?

  • You’ll receive every update and new release while your contract remains valid, as soon as it’s available.
  • Login-based licensing lets you work on any machine, without the need to go through a manual license transfer process.
  • Subscription customers receive exclusive full access to our support teams by email, year round.
  • Access to beta programs and exclusive technology previews let you stay ahead of the pack.

Is there a subscription option available for teams or multiple users?

Yes, you can buy Mari on subscription for teams or shared usage. If you are looking to buy Mari for your team, you can buy the Studio Subscription.

If I already have an existing perpetual license, will I be expected to change to a subscription model?

No. We plan on honoring our existing deals and allowing studios who are using perpetual or maintenance licenses to continue with no expectation for them to change to Studio Subscription.

What happens if my subscription expires and I don't want to renew it, can I still use Mari?

If you stop paying for your subscription and it expires, you no longer have access to the toolset. This includes beta programs and product support.

Is there an annual commitment when purchasing Mari Individual Subscription?

Mari Individual can be purchased on either an annual or monthly basis. Annual subscription is the best value option if you think you’ll use the product for most of the year.

Is there a limit to the number of subscription licenses I can purchase?

Yes. Since Mari Individual Subscription is for individuals, there’s only the option to purchase one license per user.

Is there a cancellation policy for Mari Individual Subscription?

Yes, anyone who purchases subscription may cancel their subscription within 14 days of the original purchase for a full refund. After 14 days there is no option to cancel, but you can stop your auto-renewal at any time prior to your subscription term expiry date.

If I’m an existing customer who chooses to purchase Mari Individual Subscription, what happens to my perpetual license?

If you have an existing Mari perpetual license and you purchase Mari Individual Subscription, you’ll retain the right to use your perpetual license. If you let your subscription lapse, the version of Mari you’ll have access to is the version your perpetual license was at prior to purchasing Mari Individual Subscription.

Can I run previous versions of Mari with Mari Individual Subscription?

Yes, but you’ll need to authorise your Mari Individual Subscription from Mari 3.3v1 or later. Once a device is authorised, you'll be able to run older versions of Mari.

Does Mari Individual Subscription renew automatically?

Yes. Each Mari Individual Subscription is set to renew automatically after the one initial term. There is an option to stop your auto-renewal at any time prior to the expiry of the term.

How do I stop my subscription or maintenance from auto-renewing?

At any time up to 72 hours before the expiration of your current term, you can prevent your subscription from automatically renewing by logging into your My Account area of the website and selecting ‘Stop auto-renewal’ next to the subscription you no longer wish to renew. You will continue to be charged monthly installments for the remainder of the 12-month term you have purchased, but at the end of that period, your subscription will not renew and you will not be charged any further payments. To reactivate your license once your term expires, you’ll need to purchase a new subscription. Please consult the Support & Maintenance policy for details.

Will I receive any auto-renewal reminders via email?

Yes, you’ll receive an email reminder 30 and 60 days prior to the end of your subscription term.

Can I make my subscription payments via PayPal?

No, unfortunately this payment option is not currently available.

Can I buy Mari Individual Subscription offline through your sales team or a reseller?

We encourage you to buy Mari Individual Subscription through our online store. However, in special cases you will be able to buy Mari Individual Subscription direct from our sales team. Resellers will not be selling Mari Individual Subscription at this time.

Is Mari Individual Subscription available for education?

Foundry’s Education Collectives are already available as an annual payment and license term. Mari Individual Subscription is not available separately for education.

Is subscription available for Collectives?

No, at this time there are no plans to sell subscription for the Collectives.

Is technical support available for Mari Individual Subscription customers?

Yes, technical support via email is available exclusively for customers with valid Mari Individual Subscription licenses. You should visit our Support Portal to get help.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my Mari Individual Subscription license?

Yes. Mari Individual Subscription is a login-based license and you will need to connect to the internet when first logging in to a new machine, and thereafter at least once every 30 days.

What’s the difference between Modo Subscription and Mari Individual Subscription?

The primary difference between the two products is that Modo Subscription is not restricted to a single license per user and is therefore suitable for both individuals and teams, while Mari Individual Subscription is specifically suited to those working as freelancers or in small businesses where only one person needs access to Mari.

I have a Mari RLM license, will a login based license be available soon for me to switch to?

 At this time, a login-based license for Mari is only available through Mari Individual Subscription and Mari Studio Subscription.


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