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DreamWorks Animation Television do the monster mash-up with Dinotrux

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DreamWorks Animation Television was formed in 2013 on the back of a deal to create over 300 hours of original content for Netflix.

Andrew Hepp, Lead Lighting and Compositing TD, DreamWorks Animation Television

Nuke was a perfect choice for Dinotrux: by utilizing our Gizmo system, we’re able to actually tweak the lighting on any time of day—it allows us to generate many different looks inside of Nuke and it really saves everybody time because we don’t have to re-render things over and over again.

With Dinotrux, they got to work on every small boy’s dream—an animated series starring characters that are half dinosaur, half truck. Tasked with hitting the DreamWorks quality standards within a TV schedule, they turned to Foundry’s Mari and Nuke to help them achieve their goals.

Building dinosaurs for kids TV - the software behind Dinotrux
Find out how Nuke and Mari bring Dinoxtrux to life
By sharing layers, it eliminates that back and forth, because now you can work on both or all channels at once, and just instantly see the results.

Roberto Jauregui, Texture TD, DreamWorks Animation Television