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asset-centric workflows header

Why asset-centric workflows are the future of our pipelines

The change your studio needs.

5 min read
VFX in 2021
Film & TV

VFX in 2021 | What works, who works and what's changing forever

What works, who works and what's changing forever. We look at how the production process is recovering for 2021.

65 min video
2020 Trends header
Film & TV

Top trends of 2020: what now, and what’s next?

2020 will be a year we’ll never forget but how did it impact our VFX trends?

9 min read
SIGGRAPH 2020 Header
Film & TV

Five of the top trends to come out of SIGGRAPH 2020

That’s a wrap on SIGGRAPH 2020.

5 min read
Cloud Service Model Header

Cloud service models and how they’re impacting the VFX industry

A dive into cloud service models and the future it presents for the industry.

5 min read
Visual Effects home studio
Film & TV

Alternative methods of income for the creative industry | Virtual Events

How to earn money outside of the traditional roles in the creative industry.

85 min video
Dev and lighting trends 2020
Film & TV

Five look development and lighting trends to watch out for in 2020

From cloud rendering to USD: the hot topics set to shape your landscape next year

min read

AR and blockchain…an unstoppable combination?

Discover how blockchain technology will play a pivotal role in protecting immersive content IP - and help monetize AR/VR.

min read
Adrian Graham from Google Cloud
Film & TV

SIGGRAPH 2019 | How to learn to stop worrying and love not buying renderfarms

The benefits of cloud.

Bernhard Kimbacher Hive VFX
Film & TV

SIGGRAPH 2019 | Imagine a work-life balance where life comes first

The perfect work-life balance thanks to the cloud.

Build your dream VFX studio in the cloud
Film & TV

SIGGRAPH 2019 | Build your dream VFX studio in the cloud

Working beyond the boundaries.

AR cloud transforming technology

How the AR Cloud will transform immersive technology

In this article, we look at how the AR Cloud will be the most significant development of all for driving AR adoption. Read more here!

min read