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Three Must Haves

Three Must-Haves When Designing for the Store Shelf

It takes consumers 3-7 seconds to choose an item on a store shelf. Learn what you need to stand out.

6 min read
2020 Trends header
Film & TV

Top trends of 2020: what now, and what’s next?

2020 will be a year we’ll never forget but how did it impact our VFX trends?

9 min read
Katana Deployment Essentials - Look Development and Lighting
Film & TV

Katana pipeline deployment: key considerations, benefits and best practice

Who and what is involved when integrating Katana into your pipeline? Find out here.

6 min read
Open Source X Foundry
Film & TV

Foundry, Open Source & You: A Digested Guide

Power up your pipeline with leading integrations, USD, Machine Learning models and more.

Project EIST header

Project EIST: bringing the beauty of choice beyond media and entertainment

Enabling Interactive Story Telling for different sectors and skill sets.

Glowing 3D abstract imagery
Real time

Bridging the Real & Imagined

Integrating real-time workflows into modern post-production pipelines.

USD: what you need to consider
Film & TV

USD: what you need to consider when adopting Universal Scene Description into your pipeline

Investing in Universal Scene Description is totally worthwhile—if done correctly. Here are the top things to consider before diving in.

USD powers up Foundry VFX software
Film & TV

An inside look at how USD is set to power-up Foundry software

Take a look at how Foundry is incorporating USD into our creative tools - and get a peek into our plans for the future.

USD explainer guide
Film & TV

How Universal Scene Description is set to change the face of VFX

How Universal Scene Description (USD) holds some potentially game-changing opportunities for VFX studios.