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Experience industry-standard compositing and powerful review workflows

Compositing, Editorial and Review for VFX artists

From animation and CG content to feature films and shorts, the Nuke family gives artists the tools they need to reach new creative heights, tackle diverse compositing challenges at any scale and grow alongside the increasing demands of the industry.



Nuke is the shot-based compositing tool at the heart of the Nuke family, allowing for fast, powerful, industry-standard node-based compositing.

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Advanced industry-standard compositing

With added tools for tracking in 2D and 3D, Machine Learning and more, NukeX advances the art of compositing and puts more control into the hands of compositors.

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Multi-shot management, editorial and compositing

With advanced compositing toolsets, a multi-track editorial timeline and review tools, Nuke Studio is a post-production powerhouse, giving artists everything they need for their pipeline.

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Desktop playback tool

HieroPlayer is the desktop review tool that enables artists to review shots in context, playback VFX timelines and compare render versions quickly. HieroPlayer is integrated and available in Nuke and NukeX.

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Compositing tool for solo artists

Amplify your artistry with Nuke Indie: the ultimate tool for solo artists looking to create high-quality visual effects, from ingest to compositing to delivery, at an accessible price.

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[With Nuke], you’re buying into the most advanced node-based system in the market, with tons of support from artists all over the world. It gives you a good edge since it’s the industry standard for film and TV work around the world.

Henrique Reginato - Founder & VFX Supervisor, NOX Visual Effects

Upgrade your pipeline with the Nuke Family

Tackle complex project whilst maintaining your creative-edge with our compositing, editorial and review tools. Check out all the features on offer below and find the right Nuke for you.

Core Nuke
Advanced comp toolset
NukeX and Hiero combined
Desktop review player
  • 2D compositing
  • 2D compositing
  • Paint & roto tools
  • Keying & matte extraction tools
  • 2D tracking
  • Advanced retime & warping tools
  • Multi-channel workflows
  • Stereo toolset
  • 3D composting
  • Deep Image compositing
  • 3D workspace
  • USD support
  • 3D particle system
  • 3D camera tracking
  • VR & Multi-camera toolsets
  • Machine Learning
  • ML Training
  • Machine Learning toolset
  • Color & Pipeline
  • Python API and Pyside
  • Blink script
  • OpenColorIO color management
  • ACES Support
  • Nuke Assist
  • Editorial & Review
  • Mutli-track editorial timeline
  • Editorial tools
  • Online & conform
  • Review and playback

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