Industry-leading node-based compositing

The ultimate tool for solo artists looking to create high-quality visual effects, at an accessible price


Multi-shot management, editorial, compositing and review

With Nuke Studio at its core, Nuke Indie is the perfect creative hub for all your projects, offering improved control and transparency over each thanks to an editorial, conform and review environment.

Powerful VFX compositing software

Nuke Indie delivers the same experience as Nuke to help you tackle the diverse challenges of digital compositing, with just a few limitations. Expect over 200 creative nodes, including industry-standard keyers, 3D camera tracking, 360 video stitching, and much more.

Seamless node-based compositing for complex projects

Visually organise and manage complex projects with ease thanks to Nuke’s industry-leading node graph and take on any scale of project with confidence thanks to powerful resolution independent floating-point processing.

Export projects in high-quality 4K

Deliver on your solo projects with the same finish and finesse as the industry’s leading VFX studios by exporting your creations in high-quality 4K.

Nuke Indie Benefits

Power, speed and flexibility at a more affordable price
  • • Crank up your creative toolkit using the industry’s most powerful node-based compositing software
Join the Nuke community
  • • Be part of the global community of artists and explore, excel, empower—together
Create award winning projects
  • • Broaden your horizons with the same tool and features used in the creation of award-winning blockbusters and boxsets
Scale your projects, seamlessly
  • • Take on bigger, more complex projects with confidence thanks to advanced compositing tools like Keylight, 3D CameraTracker, toolsets for clean up, retiming and much more

What’s new - Nuke Indie 13.1

With the improved 3D user experience, the new UnrealReader node, and timeline upgrades, Nuke 13.1 heightens user experience empowering artists and their workflows.

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Compare Nuke Indie

For Commercial Use
Eligible users earning up to $100k per year
For Use in Pipelines
Licensing Model Single-user login Single-user login Node Locked / Floating (Multi User support)
Online Access Required
Version Timeout After 90 Days
Customer Support Community Only Licensing and Exclusive Community Full Customer Support
Feature Support
Supported Export Resolutions up to 1080p up to 4k Unlimited
Read Support for Nuke (.nk) and Hiero (.hrox) projects and Gizmos (.gz)
Save Support for Nuke (.nk) and Hiero (.hrox) projects and Gizmos (.gz)
Saved project files can only be read by Nuke Non-commercial
Saved project and data files can only be read by Nuke Indie
All Core Compositing Nodes
Primatte and Ultimatte not available
Advanced NukeX Plug-ins
Some Nodes and/or node functionality, have been restricted
Timeline Playback and Versioning Support
Ingest and Conform
All formats except H.264 and AAC compressed audio
EDL / XML Export Support
LUT Export Support
MatchGrade will not export LUTs. GenerateLUT disabled
Geometry Export
WriteGeo node export disabled
SDI Monitor Out and VR Headset Support
H.264 (AVC) Variants Support
AAC Audio Import Support
Sync Review Support
V release - FileIO SDK Support
UnrealReader node [Beta]
APIs and Scripting
BlinkScript Support
Python API Support
Python usage limited to 10 commands
Python usage limited to 10 commands
Fully Supported
OFX Plug-in Support
NDK Support
For Approved Third Party Developers
External Rendering Support

Am I eligible?

Nuke Indie is a functionally limited version of Nuke Studio specifically designed for solo artists. Combining industry-leading node-based compositing with formidable speed, power and flexibility, it’s the ultimate tool for solo artists wanting to create high-quality visual effects, at an accessible price. This is for you if:

  • Your annual gross revenue is less than USD$100,000/year (or local equivalent).
  • Only one license can be used per user or organisation.
  • Cannot be used in a pipeline with other Nuke commercial or Nuke Indie licenses.

For further details on eligibility, please see Nuke Indie Eligibility Requirements


Subscribe $499/yr*
  • Commercial Nuke Studio access for Solo Artists
  • Nuke Studio’s editorial and conform environment
  • All NukeX compositing tools
  • Up to 4K output resolution
  • Basic Python support
  • Access to product updates
  • Community support with exclusive Nuke Indie forum
*Price subject to applicable taxes

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Can I trial Nuke Indie?

There is no trial of Nuke Indie. Nuke Indie features the same experience you get in Nuke Studio and NukeX, with certain functional restrictions. You can start your Nuke Studio trial here.

Nuke scripts and Hiero project files you create during this trial can be read into Nuke Indie.

What are the technical and hardware requirements of Nuke Indie?

Nuke Indie follows the same hardware requirements as the Nuke family. See the Tech Specs page for supported operating systems and hardware for the latest release.

Which versions of Nuke support Nuke Indie?

Nuke Indie is available from Nuke 12.2v1 onwards. Nuke Indie builds timeout after 90 days so users must update to the latest release to continue using Nuke Indie.

How do I access the Nuke Indie Community?

Upon subscription, users are automatically given access to the Nuke Indie Community. Vist Foundry’s community and log-in using the same credentials used to purchase Nuke Indie. The Nuke Indie forum will be visible under Nuke Indie Community.

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