Introducing Bunsen: build powerful visualization pipelines

Bunsen is your integrated foundation for building scalable, repeatable and unified CAD-to-pixel AEC visualization pipelines.

Why you should care about Bunsen
  • Your visualization artists’ wasted cycles are costing time & money

    Bunsen dramatically improves workflow efficiencies, by allowing artists to stay productive while minimizing data and file bottlenecks, and redundant processes
  • Separate CAD data changes from iterative design visualization

    Bunsen promotes modern, iterative design processes while helping remove the burden and risk of lost design intent and revisioning mistakes (data synchronization errors) when moving between 3D CAD and design-visualization workflows
  • Generate deliverables using more than one renderer or output format

    Current workflows can’t efficiently meet today’s requirements for multi-format pixel delivery. Bunsen enables efficiency and workflow unification when creating VR and AR experiences, high-quality offline rendering deliverables, and other file-based output
  • Your complexity & hardware management techniques are inflexible

    Bunsen’s cloud-based web services approach provides much more robust IT flexibility and visibility. On-demand resource provisioning for design and compute is the future

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