Digital footwear and apparel design

In the highly competitive field of footwear and apparel design, time is money. Not only do shorter design cycles mean lower production costs, but time to market is critical in establishing trend leadership, which ultimately translates into increased sales revenue.

With traditional 2D design techniques alone, it’s virtually impossible to accurately convey the subtleties of a design’s form and material from all angles, making the time-consuming production of physical samples a necessity at every stage of the design review. 

Foundry's tools offer a more modern solution for the rapidly changing world of digital design. With 3D tools, you can easily assign believable materials that can be shiny or matt, rough or smooth, furry or rubbery—aspects that are difficult to convey in 2D; you can add realistic indoor or outdoor lighting; and you can render your product so that it looks as real as a photograph, from any angle, or as an entire turntable animation.

Foundry's software make soft goods design faster and cheaper
The pace of design really increases using Modo. Something you normally wouldn't see until first proto, you can conceptualize in a sketch much earlier in the design process.

Dan Webb, Sr. Designer, New Balance

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