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Inversion Studio, Athera, and the dawn of production pipelines in the cloud

Image curtesy of Inversion

Meet the studio pioneering VFX production in the cloud

In the coming years, the VFX industry could look remarkably different to how it does today. 

Cloud technology is set to give rise to a new breed of VFX studio -  one that’s more mobile, nimble and flexible. 

The cloud will enable studios to source the best talent from around the world without the need for relocation, or scale compute and storage up and down as projects ebb and flow.  

Widescale adoption of this technology may not happen overnight, but we’re already seeing the beginnings of it with early pioneers like Inversion Studio

Watch the video below to find out how Inversion plan to harness the power of Athera (previously known as Project Elara), Foundry’s upcoming cloud-based service for post production, to become the first studio in the cloud:


As Arvind Sond, co-founder of Inversion Studio, explains: “We looked into a lot of different licensing options, and different hardware to try and stay as mobile as we could, and that's when we found Elara - it's just this great combination of software and cloud-based workflow that allowed us to be truly mobile. “

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