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What’s the secret to longevity for a VFX studio? Just ask SPIN VFX

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How Katana helps SPIN VFX deliver hundreds of shots and work on 10 shows simultaneously

With 30 years, 106 feature films, and 17 television series under their belt, Toronto-based SPIN VFX know a thing or two about creating captivating imagery for feature film and TV.

Not bad going for a studio that describe themselves as small to mid-sized.

So how can a smaller studio like this compete alongside the Sonys, Wetas and ILMs of the world to win work on productions as high-profile as The Expanse, Game of Thrones, Suicide Squad and Spotlight?

As Visual Effects Supervisor Colin Davies explains, the secret lies - amongst other things - in a single lighter being able to produce a larger number of high-quality shots:

From one scene file, they can light 10, 20, 100 shots. We've seen a tremendous increase in our productivity.”

Greater shot volume is only one part of this puzzle however: flexibility and saving time also play a huge part. Find out how in the video below.


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Behind the scene of the VFX studio who worked on The Expanse
SyFy's The Expanse, behind the CGI
[Moving to Katana] was the best idea five years ago, and it still is today.

Neishaw Ali, President/Partner/Executive Producer of SpinVFX