Flying high with Blindflug: how a small team made a working game prototype in just 2 months


With faster workflows, the sky’s the limit

As the self-proclaimed ‘coolest studio in Switzerland’, indie games developer Blindflug Studios knows a thing or two about creating beautiful, imaginative games. Their latest release, AIRHEART, is a case in point.

The first PC and console title they’ve developed, this dieselpunk action game puts you in the shoes of a young woman as she flies her airplane, catching skyfish among beautiful sky islands, avoiding sky pirates along the way.

AIRHEART is stunning: a detailed and highly engaging game which is all the more impressive when you know the sheer pace the team was required to work at. Starting in January, they needed a working prototype by March - a tall order for a small team of six.

Blindflug co-founder Jeremy Spillman, and 3D artist Frederic Hein, explain how Modo’s time-saving features made reaching that deadline possible.

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