Virtual reality

Galvanized Souls get the 360° treatment

New Deal Studios use Nuke and Cara VR to make a virtual reality music video.

When New Deal Studios was asked to make a 360° virtual reality video for Galvanized Souls, they took on a whole host of new technical and storytelling challenges. They were told they wouldn’t be able to make quick cuts, that it would have to be in first person, and that they couldn’t move the camera. Fortunately, New Deal believes that rules are made to be broken, and with the help of Foundry's new Cara VR™ plug-in toolset for Nuke®, they pulled off a stunning piece of immersive entertainment.

Jeff Jasper, CTO/Digital Effects Supervisor, New Deal Studios

It was amazing, as I had this whole projection/reprojection workflow that I had created initially and Foundry had one node that replaced that entire process. It made the process significantly faster. Without Nuke and Foundry’s VR tools, it would be such an immense challenge that I think it would be near-impossible.