Virtual reality

Tippett Studio head into the unknown with stop-motion VR

Image Courtesy of Tippett Studio

Step inside Phil Tippett’s mind with his passion project: MAD GOD.

OMG (Oculus MAD GOD) is a stop-motion VR experience based on Phil Tippett’s short series, MAD GOD. Tippett Studio introduced us to the unique and strange characters in the world of MAD GOD and discussed how VR was such a new experience for them.

By using cards in Nuke®, they were able to shoot each character separately and bring them together to create the experience.

Colin Epstein, Lead Compositor, Tippett Studios

This was my first task working with Nuke’s stereo pipeline, where you’re basically concerned with one main view, but you’re doing everything twice … it will switch it over [to the other view] and show you that it’s doing all that stuff at the same time to this whole other version of the comp. That was really handy.