Virtual reality

Framestore uses stunning VR to make sure all eyes are on Gigi

Image Courtesy of Framestore

Five choreographed BMW M2 sports cars. One supermodel. Sixty miles per hour. And 360 degrees of live-action video.

It all adds up to one big challenge, and a lot of clean-up. That’s a challenge Framestore was able to take on with the help of CaraVR™. In the course of helping to craft BMW’s stunning virtual reality campaign Eyes on Gigi, they turned to the specialized toolset to create a seamless experience that, as Compositing Supervisor Michael Ralla tells us, is “as immersive as prerendered 360° video can get.”

Michael Ralla, Compositing Supervisor, Framestore

CaraVR really, really quickly became the backbone of the whole project. The Ray Render node was absolutely key to that.

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