Virtual reality

MPC’s creative process in Goosebumps VR

The Goosebumps VR Adventure. Image provided by MPC.

That feeling when a giant praying mantis is chasing you ... MPC take us on a spooky 360° adventure with Jack Black’s R.L. Stine

The Goosebumps VR Adventure, produced end to end by MPC, is a combined live-action and CG adventure that transports you into a high-speed car chase sitting next to R.L Stine (as played by comic actor, Jack Black) while a giant praying mantis chases you down quiet suburban streets.

While it might be safe to assume that a giant CG praying mantis was the most challenging aspect to control, “Jack is his own creative force”, quips Head of 3D Jason Schugardt.

Schugardt and Tim Dillon, Executive Producer VR at MPC talk through the challenges they faced, the creative process involved and their use of Nuke Studio®, Ocula®, and Cara VR™.

Jason Schugardt, Head of 3D, MPC

Cara VR’s taken tools that are typically very complex and made them much simpler and much faster.