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Creating the Wild West for The Magnificent Seven with ZERO VFX and Nuke

Image Courtesy of Zero VFX

ZERO VFX explain "invisible effects" in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.

After 7 years in the film and television industry, Boston-based ZERO VFX has grown a reputation for delivering high-quality “invisible effects” for films such as Black Mass, Patriots Day and Ghostbusters.

ZERO were involved very early on in Magnificent Seven and the shots required a variety of effects, including gunshots, projectile arrows and creating a mountainous landscape with footage shot on a flat landscape. In order to create this CG landscape, they turned to Nuke.

Sean Devereaux, Co-Founder/VFX Supervisor, ZERO Visual Effects

We probably spent 80% of our time doing one shot and then 20% of our time doing the rest of the shots because we built the system with Nuke that was so procedural.