Star Wars: every kid’s dream come true

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Modo, Mari, Katana and Nuke help ILM exceed the expectations of millions

Star Wars. It’s the dream project of thousands of digital effects artists. But with the iconic name come high expectations. In order to create a film that fans would remember and love, the team at ILM needed a clear creative vision and tools that would empower them to bring their ideas to life quickly and effectively. Those tools included the majority of The Foundry product portfolio: from Modo® for previs, and Mari® for Millennium Falcon textures, through to Katana® for quick droid lighting and Nuke® for efficient populating of blaster fire.


"One thing about Star Wars assets and vehicles is they look dirty… being able to paint that dirt onto the Falcon in such a way that we could layer it and do that through a shader is a huge benefit."

Pat Tubach, VFX Supervisor for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, ILM