ALIVE: live-action lightfields for immersive VR experiences

ALIVE is an eighteen-month industrial partnership between Foundry and Figment Productions together with University of Surrey and funded by InnovateUK. The collaboration aims to develop the technologies required to capture live-action content as a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience, where the viewer has the freedom to move inside the content.

ALIVE VR project from Foundry
Kinch and the Double World Virtual reality film

ALIVE uses lightfield technologies to capture live-action performance from many viewpoints. The goal is to develop the data-processing techniques and post-production tools to prepare volumetric live-action elements from lightfield capture, and deliver the elements into a game engine for real-time rendering. The result is a truly immersive experience where the live action video content reproduces the parallax you see in the real world, a concept termed “Positional VR”.

These new technologies and artist tools are being tested and evaluated in a lightfield VR production. ALIVE is developing a cinematic live-action VR experience, “Kinch & The Double World”, which incorporates scenes where the viewer has the ability to lean-in and look around the content as if they were there.