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Micro Monsters with David Attenborough

Micro Monsters: mighty next-gen immersive content in stunning 8K

Alchemy Immersive breaks new ground with Nuke.

10 min read
Foundry Research about volumetric image capture
Film & TV

Volumetric video capture: challenges, opportunities and outlook for production pipelines

Key insights from Foundry’s just-wrapped VoluMagic project.

5 min read
VR header

A round-up of the latest in VR, AR and MR

Looking at what’s new in the virtual reality sphere.

4 min read
Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

In this article, we explore the latest augmented reality trend, AR portals, and how it can take you anywhere, from fictional worlds to outer space

Volograms used volumetric

Not the same old story: how Volograms used volumetric to respin a classic tale

Discover the extraordinary things Dublin-based Volograms are doing with volumetric imagery—and the implications this has for immersive storytelling

A virtual world of possibilities

A virtual world of possibilities: Discover how VR can make you healthier

The VR revolution continues and this time it’s targeting healthcare. We explore the innovative ways virtual reality is making its mark on the medical industry.

Roller coasters digital twist

Giving roller coasters a digital twist with virtual reality

In this article, we enter the world of theme parks, exploring how VR is revolutionizing roller coasters and attractions as we know it.

Mixed reality and solar system

How mixed reality is sending us across the solar system

Discover some of the most innovative ways immersive technology is being harnessed in our bid to conquer the stars.

5G era

What the dawn of the 5G era means for immersive technologies

In this article, we look at how 5G will change the game for immersive technologies, allowing us to do things which are impossible today. Read more here!

AR cloud transforming technology

How the AR Cloud will transform immersive technology

In this article, we look at how the AR Cloud will be the most significant development of all for driving AR adoption. Read more here!

Locational VR part 3

Deep inside DNA VR - London’s first VR arcade

We visit London’s first virtual reality arcade to report on how locational experiences differ from home-based virtual reality

VR headsets

Why the founders of London’s first VR arcade have bet on VR going places

We catch up with one of the founders of DNA VR to find out why VR arcades could be the key to unlocking VR’s future.