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AR and ML Header

Working in harmony: Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

How these two big tech players are working together to create more immersive experiences.

6 min read
VR header

A round-up of the latest in VR, AR and MR

Looking at what’s new in the virtual reality sphere.

4 min read
Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

In this article, we explore the latest augmented reality trend, AR portals, and how it can take you anywhere, from fictional worlds to outer space


AR and blockchain…an unstoppable combination?

Discover how blockchain technology will play a pivotal role in protecting immersive content IP - and help monetize AR/VR.

AR cloud transforming technology

How the AR Cloud will transform immersive technology

In this article, we look at how the AR Cloud will be the most significant development of all for driving AR adoption. Read more here!

City mirrored above another city

Mixed reality: the gateway to the mirrorworld

We explore mixed reality and how it could one day lead to the supermassive augmented reality landscape known as the ‘mirrorworld’.

Hybrid Gamma Ray

Recreating real-world color: the promise of Hybrid Log Gamma

We explore how the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR standard could hold the key to bringing immersive content into people’s homes

Future of AR

Mixed reality: the future of AR devices?

We examine how it’s looking increasingly likely that the future of augmented reality devices lies with mixed reality experiences.

 VR’s Eastern Promise

VR’s Eastern Promise: the growth of virtual reality in the Far East

With VR expected to generate global revenue of $74.8 billion by the year 2021, we look at how the Far East could be a catalyst for that growth.