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Jörn Meyer Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Jörn Meyer

Where curiosity and passion meet, an artist’s oeuvre is born.

9 min read
Karen Disher Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Karen Disher

From pen on paper to our screens.

7 min read
Artist spotlight header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Kofi Opoku-Ansah & Daniel Mark Miller

How two VFX artists started a podcast during lockdown.

10 min read
Artist Spotlight Header

Artist Spotlight: Yuya Takeda

Discovering the artist behind Modo 16 series’ artworks.

7 min read
Film & TV

Creating on-set VFX with Near Real-Time

Discover Near Real-Time—what it is, how it works, and the project that developed it, Comandante.

4 min video
Mucho Pixels Header
Film & TV

Creating a pixel art world with Nuke Indie

When 8-bit assets meet the affordable tool for solo artists.

4 min read
Texturing in video games
Film & TV

Texturing in video games: evolution, application and outlook

What does it take to texture your favourite worlds and characters? Find out here.

5 min read
Showreel 2021 Foundry VFX software
Film & TV

Foundry Showreel | 2021

Our Foundry showreel boasts creations from artists and studios around the world, all made with Foundry tools.

2 min video
3D textured image of girl in helmet
Film & TV

Stand out as a Texture Artist

From Texture Theory to Blend modes: tips, tricks and best practice to make your CG creations and showreels really shine.

5 min read
3D robot against abstract background
Film & TV

Things I wish I knew about Katana: core concepts

New to Katana? Arielle Martin, Lighting Associate Product Manager, explores the key features tailored toward improving your workflow and creating a successful first project.

5 min read
Uncovering the rise of animation in four key styles
Film & TV

Uncovering the rise of animation in four key styles

Step into the animated world with these four popular styles.

6 min read
3D CG dinosaur made in Nuke
Film & TV

Building a 3D prehistoric pet: the making of Tucki

ILM’s Andreas Feix on creating a pet dinosaur using Nuke.

7 min read