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Meet the Nuke Family

Power up your pipeline with the Nuke ecosystem, providing studios and artists with all the tools needed to create pixel-perfect content. Made up of Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Hiero, HieroPlayer and Nuke Indie, this formidable combination of tools aims to strengthen and streamline compositing, VFX editorial, conform and review workflows.

New in Nuke 15.1

Nuke 15.1 delivers future-facing pipeline tools, with OpenAssetIO, full OTIO round-trip support, and custom USD versions. Plus BlinkScript updates, improved Review, CopyCat training, and more for greater artist control.

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Control Unreal renders inside Nuke

Now available in NukeX, Nuke Studio and Nuke Indie, the UnrealReader node allows you to control renders coming out of Unreal Engine, combining real time and compositing workflows. Whether you choose to isolate objects into different render layers or override the Unreal camera, UnrealReader has everything you need in the right place.

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Compositing, Editorial and Review for VFX artists


    As the industry-standard compositing toolset, the Nuke Family aims to empower artists and give them all the tools needed to create high-end content. Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Hiero and Nuke Indie give artists the confidence to tackle complex, high-quality projects with ease, whilst also giving them greater creative control and flexibility over their work.
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    From small start-ups to big studios, the Nuke Family offers teams a suite of tools they can rely on, allowing them to complete high volumes of work fast. With robust compositing and review pipelines, artists can work in context using innovative workflows designed for enhanced collaboration and productivity.
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Our products

Explore the products the Nuke Family has to offer and find the one that best suits your needs.


Nuke lives at the heart of the Nuke Family, offering a powerful node-based compositing toolkit with over 200 nodes available in its scalable node graph. Its Deep compositing tools reduce the need to re-render CG elements when content changes whilst its integrated 3D environment and projection workflows offer a limitless workspace, so artists can easily create and render complex 3D scenes. 

As the industry-standard compositing tool, Nuke gives artists everything they need to tackle diverse compositing challenges at any scale and resolution.

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NukeX amplifies the power of Nuke, adding advanced tools for 3D camera tracking, clean up and refining. It puts more power and control into the hands of compositors and elevates the creative process, whilst reducing the need to roundtrip between other packages. CopyCat and the Inference nodes enable artists to harness the power of machine learning inside of Nuke and create bespoke effects and tools with high-quality results.

NukeX advances the art of digital compositing, taking your workflows to the next level and giving you unprecedented control over your shots and sequences.

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Nuke Studio

Combining the power of NukeX and Hiero, Nuke Studio is your go-to for compositing, editorial and review. Artists can easily manage and complete their projects with a robust editorial timeline and compositing toolset. Artists can work on dynamic timelines and procedurally ingest into their workflows with a multi-track editorial timeline that makes it easy to playback, review, and edit sequences, as well as having a procedural export system that allows you to create Nuke scripts and distribute to your teams. 

With multi-shot management, editorial and compositing in a single application, you can experience greater creative control and work seamlessly from start to delivery.

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Hiero is an artist’s tool of choice for powerful multi-shot management, conform, editorial, review and distribution workflows. With the same customizable timeline as Nuke Studio, Hiero is packed with procedural power to accelerate your workflow. Using the Python API, artists can review dynamically created or procedurally conformed timelines and integrate with the rest of the Nuke family for faster, more efficient teamwork.

Hiero’s intuitive editorial tools get the job done fast and has everything you need to complete your project on time.

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HieroPlayer is the desktop review tool that enables artists to review shots in context and compare render versions quickly. Get a free annual subscription today with a Nuke or NukeX license. 

HieroPlayer is the playback tool of choice and enables seamless and efficient review workflows.

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Nuke Indie

Nuke Indie is the ultimate tool for solo artists looking to create high-quality visual effects at an accessible price. With Nuke Studio at its core, Nuke Indie is the perfect creative hub for all your projects, delivering the same experience as Nuke, with just a few limitations. It offers improved control and transparency thanks to its editorial, conform and review environment, and exports projects in high-quality 4K so you can take on bigger, more complex projects with confidence.

Deliver your solo projects with the same finish and finesse as the industry’s leading VFX studios thanks to Nuke Indie.

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