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ZERO VFX gets the call from Ghostbusters

Image Courtesy of Zero VFX

Mari and Nuke help portray the paranormal

Known for their invisible effects, ZERO VFX recently got to work on something audiences could hardly fail to notice: the remake of Ghostbusters. Charged with creating proton beams, proton guns and their very first full CG-character, a ghost, ZERO turned to Mari and Nuke. With HDR lighting captured on set, Mari allowed them really evaluate the assets’ realism in context as they textured them. Meanwhile, the ghost’s three layers: photorealistic human, blue glow and x-ray skeleton were cleverly brought together in Nuke, using the scene’s lighting and static electricity to drive the blend.

Andrew Rasmussen, Look Development Artist, ZERO VFX

We were actually bringing the ghost, as it was animated, into Mari, and we were able to preview how in light, it was reacting as it moved—which no other traditional paint packages really have.

Mari is such an integral part of our pipeline at this point that I can’t even tell you the exact place that it’s key because it’s almost involved as long as Nuke is—from the very beginning to the very end.

Sean Devereaux, Co-Founder/VFX Supervisor, ZERO VFX