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Modo 17.0 Mountains under moon and dark sky

Modo 17.0 launch: what’s new in Modo?

How we’re building the future of 3D with Modo

4 min read
Second Modo Roadmap

Modo 16.1: New year, new Modo roadmap

What you can experience in Modo 16.1 and why performance is our focus for Modo 17 series.

7 min read
What's new in virtual production? - Header
Real time

What's new in virtual production?

The latest updates, issues and solutions around virtual production.

6 min read
From production to education with Nicholas Boughen Header

From production to education with Nicholas Boughen

What’s the VFX education system missing? Find out from the founder of CG Masters.

11 min read
asset-centric workflows header

Why asset-centric workflows are the future of our pipelines

The change your studio needs.

5 min read
Near Real-Time Header
Real time

Top three ways Near Real-Time is advancing workflows

Behind the innovative method used to create Comandante.

8 min read
Modo 16 Header

First Modo Roadmap: a path to transparency

Insights from our plans for Modo 16 and a big announcement.

7 min read
Film & TV

Creating on-set VFX with Near Real-Time

Discover Near Real-Time—what it is, how it works, and the project that developed it, Comandante.

4 min video
VFX in 2021
Film & TV

VFX in 2021 | What works, who works and what's changing forever

What works, who works and what's changing forever. We look at how the production process is recovering for 2021.

65 min video
Nuke TD Header

How to become a Nuke Technical Director

Learn the same skills and techniques used by leading VFX studios and artists.

8 min read
Multicoloured Lightbulb and Katana 4.0
Film & TV

Lighting in Katana 4.0: like nothing you’ve seen before

Find out why the future’s bright for lighting artists in this exclusive Q&A.

8 min read
Nuke ParticleBlinkScript node header
Film & TV

The path to Nuke 12.1’s ParticleBlinkScript node

Foundry’s ‘father of the particle system’ offers exclusive insight into the development of this fundamental feature.

7 min read