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Karen Disher Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Karen Disher

From pen on paper to our screens.

7 min read
Timeline tools header
Film & TV

Your guide to review workflows

Getting close and personal with Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer.

7 min read
Residen Alien Header/CoSA VFX
Film & TV

Discovering CoSA VFX: a powerhouse in episodic shows

How Nuke Family’s review tools were used in Westworld, Nancy Drew and Resident Alien.

7 min read
Squid Game header
Film & TV

Life, death and VFX: how Gulliver Studios helped create Squid Game

How Gulliver Studios used Nuke to create the enthralling Netflix series.

6 min read
Dune/DNEG header
Film & TV

How DNEG created the award-winning VFX of Dune

Reimagining Frank Herbert’s classic novel using Nuke.

6 min read
Near Real-Time Header
Real time

Top three ways Near Real-Time is advancing workflows

Behind the innovative method used to create Comandante.

8 min read
FMX 2022 header
Film & TV

Top trends to come out of FMX 2022

Machine learning, the metaverse, and more: here are the trends that led FMX 2022.

5 min read
Rocket Science VFX
Film & TV

How Rocket Science VFX amplifies their review workflows on episodic content

Talking about Nuke Studio with the team at RSVFX.

7 min read
Artist spotlight header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Kofi Opoku-Ansah & Daniel Mark Miller

How two VFX artists started a podcast during lockdown.

10 min read
Artist Spotlight Header

Artist Spotlight: Yuya Takeda

Discovering the artist behind Modo 16 series’ artworks.

7 min read
Modo 16 Header

First Modo Roadmap: a path to transparency

Insights from our plans for Modo 16 and a big announcement.

7 min read
Film & TV

Creating on-set VFX with Near Real-Time

Discover Near Real-Time—what it is, how it works, and the project that developed it, Comandante.

4 min video