Kanova: flexible VR sculpting

Kanova is the new tool for sculpting in VR that uniquely allows you to choose the format you work in - unlike other VR sculpting tools.

Use it with a headset, on desktop, or a mix of both.  

Because it’s based on powerful ADF technology, Kanova also gives you greater efficiency and power: zoom in to create intricate details, or zoom out and work at much larger scales.


Flexible ways of working 

Kanova is the only VR sculpting tool on the market that lets you choose between sculpting using a VR headset, on desktop, or with a combination of both. Enjoy the freedom to work the way that suits you best.   

Sculpt in exquisite detail

With Foundry’s unique ADF technology, there’s no need  to constantly tweak mesh resolution to add more detail: Kanova does it automatically for you. That means you can concentrate on being an artist, instead of getting bogged down in technical functionality.   

Export to other tools

You can export Kanova art to Modo or other 3D content creation tools, making it great for experimenting and testing out your ideas in a natural, intuitive way, then finishing off in your favorite 3D modelling software.   

Intuitive and non-technical 

Get the creative freedom that technology provides, without having to learn technical details about 3D data representations, management tools or terminology. Not only can you add and subtract from the surface, you can also freely connect strokes or even punch a hole straight through.