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Abstract colorful iris and pupil
Film & TV

Hidden in plain sight: the art of invisible VFX

Creativity, made inconspicuous.

6 min read
Important Looking Pirates logo
Real time

Q&A with Important Looking Pirates: the studio pivoting to virtual production

How Stockholm-based ILP increase the cadence of their creative process.

6 min read
VFX in 2021
Film & TV

VFX in 2021 | What works, who works and what's changing forever

What works, who works and what's changing forever. We look at how the production process is recovering for 2021.

65 min video
Foundry Research about volumetric image capture
Film & TV

Volumetric video capture: challenges, opportunities and outlook for production pipelines

Key insights from Foundry’s just-wrapped VoluMagic project.

5 min read
Glowing 3D abstract imagery
Real time

Bridging the Real & Imagined

Integrating real-time workflows into modern post-production pipelines.

3D inverse city scape
Real time

Virtual Production: an immersive gateway for filmmakers

Step into the world of virtual production, real-time and immersive filmmakers.

FMX 2019 trends
Film & TV

Five of the biggest trends from FMX 2019

A report back on some of the biggest industry topics that were discussed at FMX 2019, from lightfields to locational VR.

Oscars header
Film & TV

What the Oscars told us about visual effects in 2019

This year’s shortlist for Best Visual Effects Academy Award offered a fascinating snapshot into the VFX trends shaping the images we see in films.

space soldiers in 3d
Real time

Meet the company transforming real-time content creation

We speak to technology company Ncam about how their system is transforming the way visual content is created in real-time.