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design challenge Thiago Christo

Mastering the Moments of Truth Design Challenge: Thiago Christo

Thiago Christo discusses 3D package design and mastering the moments of truth.

7 min read
3D show design

Ellery Connell's game-changing journey to Modo

Ellery Connell, 20+ year 3D veteran, talks about his journey to Modo and why it’s his go-to tool for product development.

Modo William Vaughan

Modo Heroes: William Vaughan

New Balance’s 3D team leader, William Vaughan, on how GPU rendering kick-starts creativity in Modo 13.2.

Mobile game

How Wooga Games develops a creative, engaging and rich experience with Modo

Modeling mobile games with Modo.

Modo packaging

Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo

We shine the spotlight on the first of our Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo, exploring his career as a 3D artist and designer

What is 3D Design

What is a 3D material?

We speak to Creative Specialist Ellery Connell about what 3D materials are and why they’re going to be key for the future of design.

Tor Frick

Tor Frick: Design Without Limits

How Modo’s flexible modelling tools help the leading games artist meet the punishing production schedule at his start-up studio, Neon Giant

Ryan Wai Kin Lam orange leaves and cars
Film & TV

Lighting the way: these top artists share their approach to illumination

Take a look at the unique visual treatments of three lighting artists from our community and how they approach lighting in their work.

Designing in 3D space

Fifty Shades of Black: are your 2D CADs holding you back?

Brendon Marczan explains how moving designs into a 3D space means the black you see is, at last, the black the world sees too.

Robot white
Film & TV

Aspiring To Be A Texture Artist At A Big Studio?

Paul Paulino tells all.


Visualizing the Architecture of the Future with Nuke

In this article, we speak to Ludo Michaud, VFX Creative Director at Corgan MediaLab, about how his team have harnessed the power of Nuke for architectural visualization. Read more here!

Image courtesy of Yuya Takeda, created in Modo

Procedural modeling: changing the footwear design landscape

We explore how a new generation of 3D modeling tools that harness the power of procedural modeling are changing the design landscape.