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Artist Spotlight Header

Artist Spotlight: Yuya Takeda

Discovering the artist behind Modo 16 series’ artworks.

7 min read
Modo 16 Header

First Modo Roadmap: a path to transparency

Insights from our plans for Modo 16 and a big announcement.

7 min read
design challenge Thiago Christo

Mastering the Moments of Truth Design Challenge: Thiago Christo

Thiago Christo discusses 3D package design and mastering the moments of truth.

7 min read
3D show design

Ellery Connell's game-changing journey to Modo

Ellery Connell, 20+ year 3D veteran, talks about his journey to Modo and why it’s his go-to tool for product development.

Modo William Vaughan

Modo Heroes: William Vaughan

New Balance’s 3D team leader, William Vaughan, on how GPU rendering kick-starts creativity in Modo 13.2.

Mobile game

How Wooga Games develops a creative, engaging and rich experience with Modo

Modeling mobile games with Modo.

Modo packaging

Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo

We shine the spotlight on the first of our Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo, exploring his career as a 3D artist and designer

What is 3D Design

What is a 3D material?

We speak to Creative Specialist Ellery Connell about what 3D materials are and why they’re going to be key for the future of design.

Tor Frick

Tor Frick: Design Without Limits

How Modo’s flexible modelling tools help the leading games artist meet the punishing production schedule at his start-up studio, Neon Giant

Ryan Wai Kin Lam orange leaves and cars
Film & TV

Lighting the way: these top artists share their approach to illumination

Take a look at the unique visual treatments of three lighting artists from our community and how they approach lighting in their work.

Designing in 3D space

Fifty Shades of Black: are your 2D CADs holding you back?

Brendon Marczan explains how moving designs into a 3D space means the black you see is, at last, the black the world sees too.

Robot white
Film & TV

Aspiring To Be A Texture Artist At A Big Studio?

Paul Paulino tells all.