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SIGGRAPH 2020 Header
Film & TV

Five of the top trends to come out of SIGGRAPH 2020

That’s a wrap on SIGGRAPH 2020.

5 min read
Machine Learning for Artists Header
Machine learning

Machine learning for artists: the latest trends

Arm yourself with the latest machine learning tools.

7 min read
Blue and red lights with face
Machine learning

Machine Learning: changing the game of Motion Capture

How machine learning is re-inventing motion capture.

3D man rendering
Film & TV

The de-aging of Hollywood: How deepfakes are keeping us young

Deepfakes, de-aging, and its effect on the VFX industry.

Bridging the uncanny valley
Film & TV

Bridging the uncanny valley: what it really takes to make a deepfake

With digital humans on the rise, we explore the artistry behind them and the difference between those on the big screen, and those dominating our social media.

Volograms used volumetric

Not the same old story: how Volograms used volumetric to respin a classic tale

Discover the extraordinary things Dublin-based Volograms are doing with volumetric imagery—and the implications this has for immersive storytelling

Deep learning exploration
Machine learning

Explaining deep learning: what it is, and what it’s not

Deep learning has the potential to reinvent every industry—including VFX. But what is it exactly? Find out here.

Trends of 2019
Film & TV

The big trends that will define 2019

We look into our crystal ball and try to predict the VFX and tech trends that will define 2019.

 Deep learning: the new frontier in visual effects production
Machine learning

Deep learning: the new frontier in visual effects production

Find out about two cutting-edge Foundry research projects on artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies.

Find out more about autonomous cars

Autonomous cars: changing the playing field for UI/UX design

The autonomous car is more than just a blue-sky dream that’s still some way off in the distant future; it’s already happening.

Rendering UI displays in smart cars

Smart vehicles bring new UI/UX challenges for automotive designers

It’s an interesting time in the world of automotive design. It’s not just our phones that are smart these days; so are our cars, and they’re getting smarter.