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Marcos Moraes Los Amigos
Film & TV

Why Los Amigos used Katana for Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble!

Free up time. Unlock creativity.

2 min video
Mainframe studios header
Film & TV

Mainframe Studios’ journey to a solid look development and lighting solution

Mainframe has been busy getting set up with Katana. Here’s how they did it.

7 min read
Atomic Cartoons logo
Film & TV

How Atomic Cartoons tackles today’s toughest production challenges

Navigating rapid episodic workflows is essential for this acclaimed animation studio. Enter Nuke and Katana.

8 min read
Team Herts Header
Film & TV

Inspiring the young minds of the future with Framestore

A team of graduates who strived for success despite the challenges of 2020.

5 min read
Screenshot from Polygon Pictures BLAME animation
Film & TV

An inside look into Polygon Pictures’ efficient review process

Nuke, Hiero and HieroPlayer combine to create calm, not chaos.

8 min read
CG animated Dragon from White Snake - Light Chaser
Film & TV

Making myth real: breathing light into White Snake

Light Chaser Animation Studios on using Katana to illuminate this beautiful Chinese legend.

5 min read
Viking warrior from Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Film & TV

The art of war: forging AC Valhalla’s epic CG launch trailer

DIGIC gets battle-ready with Nuke for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

6 min read
Lighting in animation header
Film & TV

Lighting in animation: a dive into the hand-drawn

Lighting the way through the complexities of animation.

6 min read
Machine Learning Abstract Header
Machine learning

Future proof your content creation with machine learning

Artist and algorithm—working in harmony.