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A round-up of the latest in VR, AR and MR

Looking at what’s new in the virtual reality sphere.

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Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

Be transported into new virtual worlds with AR portals

In this article, we explore the latest augmented reality trend, AR portals, and how it can take you anywhere, from fictional worlds to outer space

Volograms used volumetric

Not the same old story: how Volograms used volumetric to respin a classic tale

Discover the extraordinary things Dublin-based Volograms are doing with volumetric imagery—and the implications this has for immersive storytelling

Mixed reality and solar system

How mixed reality is sending us across the solar system

Discover some of the most innovative ways immersive technology is being harnessed in our bid to conquer the stars.

City mirrored above another city

Mixed reality: the gateway to the mirrorworld

We explore mixed reality and how it could one day lead to the supermassive augmented reality landscape known as the ‘mirrorworld’.

Hybrid Gamma Ray

Recreating real-world color: the promise of Hybrid Log Gamma

We explore how the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR standard could hold the key to bringing immersive content into people’s homes

Future of AR

Mixed reality: the future of AR devices?

We examine how it’s looking increasingly likely that the future of augmented reality devices lies with mixed reality experiences.

Skiing in VR

The Big Interview: Tim Dillon, Head of VR & Immersive Content, MPC

We interview with Tim Dillon, Head of VR & Immersive Content at MPC, discussing just how far VR content has come - and the challenges that remain.

VR effects and holograms

Meet the creators: content creation in the virtual age

As part of our deep dive into all things VR, AR and MR, we’ll be interviewing some of the key players making virtual reality experiences today.

VR accessibility problem

Exploring VR’s accessibility problem

In the second part of our ‘VR: It’s time for a reality check’ series, we explore the challenges around the accessibility of the technology - starting with headsets.

FAME: film-quality augmented and mixed reality experiences

FAME: film-quality augmented and mixed reality experiences

A project to enable film-quality assets to be embedded in the environment around a viewer, to create cinematic mixed-reality experiences.

VR/MR/AR help

VR? AR? MR? Sorry, I’m confused.

Since the beginning of time, most new and emerging technology has nurtured an unhealthy attachment to acronyms, and virtual reality is no different.

5 min read