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FutureWorks The Empire header
Film & TV

How FutureWorks created The Empire whilst implementing Katana

Taking deployment to the next level on The Empire.

6 min read
Jörn Meyer Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Jörn Meyer

Where curiosity and passion meet, an artist’s oeuvre is born.

9 min read
Squid Game header
Film & TV

Life, death and VFX: how Gulliver Studios helped create Squid Game

How Gulliver Studios used Nuke to create the enthralling Netflix series.

6 min read
Dune/DNEG header
Film & TV

How DNEG created the award-winning VFX of Dune

Reimagining Frank Herbert’s classic novel using Nuke.

6 min read
Artist spotlight header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Kofi Opoku-Ansah & Daniel Mark Miller

How two VFX artists started a podcast during lockdown.

10 min read
Texturing in Mari 5.0
Film & TV

Texturing in Mari 5.0: an artist’s path to storytelling

Paving the way for the future of texturing.

6 min read
art of texturing vfx header
Film & TV

The art of texturing: crafting photorealistic textures for visual effects

From dinosaurs to digital doubles, how textures bring VFX to life.

6 min read
Shonda Hunt artist spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Shonda Hunt

Shonda Hunt on her freelance compositing career and how Nuke helped her get there.

13 min read
Showreel 2021 Foundry VFX software
Film & TV

Foundry Showreel | 2021

Our Foundry showreel boasts creations from artists and studios around the world, all made with Foundry tools.

2 min video
Storytelling development
Film & TV

Storytelling development: why the timeline matters

How working in context can improve artist and workflow efficiency.

7 min read
Miguel Guerrero artist spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Miguel Guerrero

Venezuelan VFX artist and Director Miguel Guerrero on Nuke and his established career.

8 min read
Artist Spotlight Henrique Reginato
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Henrique Reginato

Why Henrique Reginato chose Nuke Indie as his tool of choice for his freelance business.

6 min read