World VFX Day 2023: Supporting the visual effects industry

World VFX Day 2023 is here! We’re proud to support the very first World VFX Day on December 8, 2023, which casts a spotlight on the visual effects industry and the talent that works within it.

With a date chosen to honor the birthday of George Méliès, one of the earliest pioneers of visual effects, the new annual event was founded by a collective of VFX studios, organizations, and professionals. The idea is to foster a greater understanding of the skill and artistry that goes into visual effects, not only across the wider entertainment industry, but also among the audiences that enjoy the finished result.

The growing list of supporters for World VFX Day 2023 includes Framestore, DNEG, Wētā FX, Corridor Digital, Befores and Afters, and Access VFX.

This year’s launch event will be hosted on VFX and Nuke expert Hugo Guerra’s YouTube channel. Covering multiple timezones, the livestream will feature speakers from all over the world and will be recorded and shared on the World VFX Day YouTube channel.

As a supporter of World VFX Day, Foundry continues to champion the work of VFX creatives, supporting their artistry with our suite of tools: the Nuke family, Katana, Mari, Modo, and Flix.

Artists are at the heart of everything Foundry does, and we regularly showcase the stories behind their excellent work in our Artist Spotlights. In some of our most recent profiles, Lilia Collar talks about her VES Award-nominated work on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, while Ali Ehtemami gives insights on his work from Spider-Man: No Way Home to Black Widow.

“We’re proud to support World VFX Day and celebrate the incredible artistry that goes into making the best films, TV, and commercials in the world,” says Jody Madden, CEO at Foundry. “We’ll continue to deliver innovative tools and workflows to enable artists to create the best visual effects possible. We look forward to seeing World VFX Day grow, boosting global recognition of the VFX industry in the coming years.”

Check out the Foundry 2023 showreel for a taste of the incredible VFX that artists are creating with our tools: Nuke, Katana, Mari, Modo, and Flix!