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3D CG characters by animation lighter Matteo Caruso
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Matteo Caruso

What does it take to be a ‘virtual artisan’? Senior Lighter Matteo Caruso offers tips, tricks and best practice to unlock next-level creativity.

7 min read
art of texturing panel
Film & TV

Foundry Session | Art of Texturing Panel

Join Rory Woodford, Mari Product Manager, and four expert Texture Artists for a conversation about the craft of texturing.

61 min video
Mark Pinheiro Artist Spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Mark Pinheiro

Inside the life and times of a top industry actor, director and compositor.

10 min read
Allen Grippin Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Allen Grippin

Why a 3D game artist with a passion for VFX switched to Mari for texturing.

8 min read
Katana 4.0 render
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Abel Vargas

Key insights into the creative workflow of a leading Lighting Artist.

2 min video
Neville Freitas header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Neville Freitas

Leading insights into the world of look development and lighting with Neville Freitas.

10 min read
Zak Boxall header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Zak Boxall

Texturing tips, tricks and tutorials from one of ILM Sydney’s talented artists.

6 min read
Chun Chun Artist Spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Chun Chun Yang

Creating breathtaking texture assets with Chun Chun.

5 min read
Artist Spotlight David Hirst
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: David Hirst

How David Hirst adapted to emerging look development and lighting technologies over his 20-year career.

5 min read