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Mucho Pixels Header
Film & TV

Creating a pixel art world with Nuke Indie

When 8-bit assets meet the affordable tool for solo artists.

4 min read
Texturing in video games
Film & TV

Texturing in video games: evolution, application and outlook

What does it take to texture your favourite worlds and characters? Find out here.

5 min read
CG-rendered image of operators from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Film & TV

How DIGIC ramped up their CG efforts on Rainbow Six Siege trailer ‘The Playbook’

Crafting conflict with Nuke in this action-packed animation.

7 min read
Cyberpunk 2077 logo
Film & TV

Cyberpunk 2077: building Night City with Nuke

Jakub Knapik of CD PROJEKT RED talks us through his creative process in this exclusive Q&A.

8 min read
Allen Grippin Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Allen Grippin

Why a 3D game artist with a passion for VFX switched to Mari for texturing.

8 min read
Viking warrior from Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Film & TV

The art of war: forging AC Valhalla’s epic CG launch trailer

DIGIC gets battle-ready with Nuke for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

6 min read
VR header

A round-up of the latest in VR, AR and MR

Looking at what’s new in the virtual reality sphere.

4 min read
Lighting in Video Games with 8-bit bulb
Film & TV

Leveling up by light: a look at lighting in video games

Illuminating the watts and whys of your favourite gaming franchises.

6 min read

Foundry Sponsors Goldsmiths University for Global Game Jam, 2019

Foundry is sponsoring Hacksmiths at Goldsmiths, University of London for The Global Game Jam 2019 international event. We caught up with the President of Hacksmiths, Nathaniel Okenwa to find out what gaming means to the emerging talent at Goldsmiths.

VR accessibility problem

Exploring VR’s accessibility problem

In the second part of our ‘VR: It’s time for a reality check’ series, we explore the challenges around the accessibility of the technology - starting with headsets.

VR reality check

VR: It’s time for a reality check

People really want VR to work - but will it? Mass adoption and ‘true’ immersion are still a long way off, and there’s a mountain to climb to get there.

 VR’s Eastern Promise

VR’s Eastern Promise: the growth of virtual reality in the Far East

With VR expected to generate global revenue of $74.8 billion by the year 2021, we look at how the Far East could be a catalyst for that growth.