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Artist spotlight header Ben McEwan
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Ben McEwan

Getting nosy with one of Nuke’s top compositors.

Katana UI
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Rendering Onward and Beyond with Katana and Pixar's RenderMan!

Tim Best and Sarah Hutchinson dive into Pixar’s core rendering technology, RenderMan, talking about the state-of-the-art features were used in Onward.

Katana Sprint 100 header

How two weeks of creative freedom laid the foundations for your future workflow

Giving Foundry’s devs free rein to create something incredible.

Katana UI
Film & TV

Katana Into the Future

A sneak peek of what is coming up in future Katana releases.

Nuke Studio UI
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Nuke Studio for Small Business in a Remote Working World

Cinegrace Founder Tomas Wall shares how he set up his VFX Studio to make remote working a reality.

Victor Perez
Film & TV

FMX 2019 | Victor Perez | My Journey as a VFX Supervisor

We shine a spotlight on the life and times of one of the industry's top names.

45 min video
Visual Effects home studio
Film & TV

Alternative methods of income for the creative industry | Virtual Events

How to earn money outside of the traditional roles in the creative industry.

85 min video
Artist Spotlight Header Mari
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Tom Newbury

It's character-building: Tom Newbury on crafting CG characters with Mari.

visual effect breakdown casualty
Film & TV

Discover how Bait Studio are being more efficient while remote working

The team at Bait Studio gave us a glimpse of their current work from home set up.

VFX Supervisor Panel
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Super Session: VFX Supervisor Panel

Join five of the industry’s top visual effects supervisors as they offer exclusive insight into their career.

Busting Cloud Buzzwords

Demystifying complex cloud terms for VFX artists

We breakdown important cloud buzzwords and how they relate to VFX.

Nuke TD roundtable
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Super Session: Nuke TD Roundtable

Join four of the industry’s top Nuke TDs as they offer exclusive insight into their role.