Webinar wrap-up: The Basics of Review and VFX Editorial

Having an efficient review process is vital for ensuring your team can create high-end content. Foundry’s VFX Editing and Management solution consists of Nuke Studio and Hiero, both a part of the Nuke family and essential in allowing artists to conform, edit, review and manage multiple shots easily and streamlining pipelines everywhere.

Foundry specialists Anaïs Torreblanca, Associate Product Manager—Compositing & Finishing and Juan Salazar, Product Manager—Timeline Tools hosted The Basics of Review and Editorial, in which a project involving both Nuke Studio and Hiero was broken down and presented. Playing the roles of online editor and supervisor respectively, both Juan and Anaïs dove into how to make the review and editing process easier, how to create projects, and how to bring in footage, distribute it and review it with your supervisor.

Watch the full webinar below for a full breakdown of these key takeaways surrounding a Nuke Studio/Hiero project:

Setting up templates—the importance of specific folders for storing different aspects of a project, from footage and sequences to color spaces and deliveries, is essential to the smooth-running of any project.

Importing files via Shot Manager—in an episodic show involving hundreds and hundreds of shots, a speedy import process is imperative. Using Shot Manager to import shots from a spreadsheet creates a new sequence with accompanying creation date, bringing all the shots needed for review into the timeline. 

SyncReview—get a first-hand glimpse into this collaborative workflow, allowing artists to do is to connect two or more sessions of Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer, and review in context at the same time between all the participants.