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Texturing in video games
Film & TV

Texturing in video games: evolution, application and outlook

What does it take to texture your favourite worlds and characters? Find out here.

5 min read
design challenge Thiago Christo

Mastering the Moments of Truth Design Challenge: Thiago Christo

Thiago Christo discusses 3D package design and mastering the moments of truth.

7 min read
Colorway AR - product design with augmented reality

Colorway AR: your doorway to the future of digital design

Boundless creativity powered by augmented reality.

7 min read
Golden Monkey His Dark Materials
Film & TV

How Mari helped create the dæmons of His Dark Materials

Bringing fantasy to life with Framestore.

5 min read
Modo William Vaughan

Modo Heroes: William Vaughan

New Balance’s 3D team leader, William Vaughan, on how GPU rendering kick-starts creativity in Modo 13.2.

Mobile game

How Wooga Games develops a creative, engaging and rich experience with Modo

Modeling mobile games with Modo.

Modo packaging

Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo

We shine the spotlight on the first of our Modo Heroes: Kalil Macedo, exploring his career as a 3D artist and designer

What is 3D Design

What is a 3D material?

We speak to Creative Specialist Ellery Connell about what 3D materials are and why they’re going to be key for the future of design.

Tor Frick

Tor Frick: Design Without Limits

How Modo’s flexible modelling tools help the leading games artist meet the punishing production schedule at his start-up studio, Neon Giant

AMD Radeon with Modo

Modo 12 series: designing in virtual reality

As we prepare for Modo 13, we look at the advanced features in Modo’s 12 Series that utilize AMD’s VR-ready GPU’s.


Visualizing the Architecture of the Future with Nuke

In this article, we speak to Ludo Michaud, VFX Creative Director at Corgan MediaLab, about how his team have harnessed the power of Nuke for architectural visualization. Read more here!

Image courtesy of Yuya Takeda, created in Modo

Procedural modeling: changing the footwear design landscape

We explore how a new generation of 3D modeling tools that harness the power of procedural modeling are changing the design landscape.