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Q&A with Important Looking Pirates: the studio pivoting to virtual production

How Stockholm-based ILP increase the cadence of their creative process.

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Real time

Bridging the Real & Imagined

Integrating real-time workflows into modern post-production pipelines.

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Here’s what the future of previsualization looks like

50% game, 50% tool, 100% cool: how Cine Tracer is powering up a new kind of previs.

3D inverse city scape
Real time

Virtual Production: an immersive gateway for filmmakers

Step into the world of virtual production, real-time and immersive filmmakers.

space soldiers in 3d
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Meet the company transforming real-time content creation

We speak to technology company Ncam about how their system is transforming the way visual content is created in real-time.

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Peeling back the layers of the virtual production onion

We look at how the disconnected stages of virtual production will become better linked together, forming a layered, virtual production ‘onion’.

Jackie Chine on the phone
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My real-time production philosophy: an interview with Asa Bailey

We catch up with Asa Bailey, the founder of On-Set Facilities: a tech company aiming to be the world’s leading system integrator of real-time and virtual production solutions.

Real-Time Production Camera
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Real-time production: barriers and opportunities

VFX post-production could be heading for a real-time future - but to get there, we’ll have to overcome a number of technical barriers.

Realtime and Virtual Production Filming Set
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A digested guide to real-time production

Advanced pre-vis, real-time production, virtual production… what’s the difference? We take a look at some of the techniques being touted as revolutionary.