Mercedes and Dash.


Crafting the next-generation of digital cockpits

With the advent of the semi-autonomous and eventually fully autonomous car, automotive UI/UX designers face new challenges. Today’s consumers consider the human machine interface (HMI) to be a major competitive differentiator. When your vehicle takes care of getting you safely from A to B, new priorities emerge—such as how your digital devices connect seamlessly with your car’s infotainment system, or how the brand you love is reflected in every aspect of the digital instrument cluster.

How do you design for today’s visually sophisticated generation? By turning to the technology used to make the films and games that inspire them. With Dash and Modo®, designers’ creativity is unrestrained. They can work in high-quality 3D in a true WYSIWYG environment, with the confidence that what they create will be exactly what the consumer experiences in-vehicle.

Foundry forge the way with automotive HMI design
Foundry understands the artists’ needs and they helped us build a pipeline for artists.

James Liu, Senior Manager, Mercedes-Benz R&D North America