Designing products will never be the same again.

Image courtesy of Andrew Serkin

Creating the future of product design

Almost all of the products we use—the cars we drive to work, the sunglasses we sport on a sunny afternoon and even the remote controls we use to watch TV—start in the hands of a designer. As the world of product and industrial design shifts further into the digital age, designers are increasingly turning to 3D solutions like Modo® to explore their creative ideas and quickly iterate to refine their vision.

Today, Modo is used in many forms of production and industrial design, including footwear, automotive, sporting goods, jewelry and toys. Read on see some of the many exiting ways our customers have used Modo to excel in the world of design.

Photo-realistic CGI imagery created with 3d software - Modo
Modo helped me tremendously and really made me a believer in using 3D as a designer.

Harald Belker, 3D designer

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