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Removing pipeline friction with interop
Film & TV

Connecting workflows and removing pipeline friction with interoperability

How Foundry is paving the way for a more efficient pipeline.

7 min read
Foundry Live 2021
Film & TV

Hot off the press: top trends from Foundry Live 2021

Key product developments and innovations you need to know about.

9 min read
3D robot against abstract background
Film & TV

Things I wish I knew about Katana: core concepts

New to Katana? Arielle Martin, Lighting Associate Product Manager, explores the key features tailored toward improving your workflow and creating a successful first project.

5 min read
3D CG dinosaur made in Nuke
Film & TV

Building a 3D prehistoric pet: the making of Tucki

ILM’s Andreas Feix on creating a pet dinosaur using Nuke.

7 min read
CG-rendered image of operators from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Film & TV

How DIGIC ramped up their CG efforts on Rainbow Six Siege trailer ‘The Playbook’

Crafting conflict with Nuke in this action-packed animation.

7 min read
Cyberpunk 2077 logo
Film & TV

Cyberpunk 2077: building Night City with Nuke

Jakub Knapik of CD PROJEKT RED talks us through his creative process in this exclusive Q&A.

8 min read
3D CG characters by animation lighter Matteo Caruso
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Matteo Caruso

What does it take to be a ‘virtual artisan’? Senior Lighter Matteo Caruso offers tips, tricks and best practice to unlock next-level creativity.

7 min read
Foundry Live header
Film & TV

The hottest trends to come out of Foundry Live 2021

Giving you the lowdown on our biggest virtual event of the year so far.

8 min read
art of texturing panel
Film & TV

Foundry Session | Art of Texturing Panel

Join Rory Woodford, Mari Product Manager, and four expert Texture Artists for a conversation about the craft of texturing.

61 min video
Abstract colorful iris and pupil
Film & TV

Hidden in plain sight: the art of invisible VFX

Creativity, made inconspicuous.

6 min read
Three Must Haves

Three Must-Haves When Designing for the Store Shelf

It takes consumers 3-7 seconds to choose an item on a store shelf. Learn what you need to stand out.

6 min read
Marcos Moraes Los Amigos
Film & TV

Why Los Amigos used Katana for Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble!

Free up time. Unlock creativity.

2 min video