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Cloud Service Model Header

Cloud service models and how they’re impacting the VFX industry

A dive into cloud service models and the future it presents for the industry.

5 min read
Lighting in Video Games with 8-bit bulb
Film & TV

Leveling up by light: a look at lighting in video games

Illuminating the watts and whys of your favourite gaming franchises.

6 min read
3D show design

Ellery Connell's game-changing journey to Modo

Ellery Connell, 20+ year 3D veteran, talks about his journey to Modo and why it’s his go-to tool for product development.

Freddy Chavez Olmos Header
Film & TV

Nuke Artist Spotlight: Freddy Chavez Olmos

Getting spooky with the creative mind behind Duérmete Niño.

Henry Cavill as The Witcher
Film & TV

Creating CG sorcery on Netflix’s The Witcher

Framestore makes magic with Nuke.

4 min read
Foundry Guide to Virtual Events
Film & TV

Your guide to Foundry Virtual Events

Three months of skill-ups, webinars and sessions—all in one place.

5 min read
Lighting in animation header
Film & TV

Lighting in animation: a dive into the hand-drawn

Lighting the way through the complexities of animation.

6 min read
Remote Working and Cloud abstract imagery

Remote working and cloud: what now, and what’s next?

Industry sentiment as things shift toward a ‘new normal’.

Spiderman: Into the spider-verse
Film & TV

Katana Showreel | Free up time. Unlock creativity.

Our look development and lighting powerhouse Katana tackles creative challenges with ferocity and ease.

CG Supervisor Roundtable
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | CG Supervisor Roundtable

Explore the role of a CG Supervisor and what makes someone successful in the role.

Machine Learning Abstract Header
Machine learning

Future proof your content creation with machine learning

Artist and algorithm—working in harmony.

Open Source X Foundry
Film & TV

Foundry, Open Source & You: A Digested Guide

Power up your pipeline with leading integrations, USD, Machine Learning models and more.